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WSO Evo Japan Open

So I had the opportunity to shoot my first fighting game event this year. This isn’t a write up on how the event went because I didn’t enter as a player. Instead I’m doing this as a place to put my thoughts down on paper on how I performed as the photographer. The photos can be found here.

Using only my 50/1.8 I ran into some trouble early on with the lighting as it’s still winter. The sun goes down early and we didn’t find the light switch for a while. What this meant was that a few photos were noisy as ISO went up to 3200+. Whilst I had aperture and shutter speed set and locked. I kept ISO on automatic which is why the ISO skipped so wildly in shots. This has led me to think about a constant light source like a ring light. For events like VSF (which I shot last year). The cinema hall we used was pitch black meaning shots were extremely noisy. I wasn’t happy with the outcome but I still posted them as certain shots I was happy with.

Reviewing my photos from this event I feel I was a little ambitious with the aperture. Having it locked at F2.8 gave me great shots of players that were in the foreground, however as the shots were taking from a side-view and not straight on it meant that the second player would have the bokeh effect applied on them. This is not ideal and I should have used something like F4 to flatten the image.

Hopefully I look back at this post and have learnt from this experience. Onto the next event!

Things I learnt:

  • Find out if players mind having a constant light source at them whilst playing.
  • F4 is good for shots, F2.8 gives nice bokeh.
  • How to reduce noise in post-production.

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